Why didn't Matisse Thybulle get picked for the Olympics? Dyson Daniels given edge for Boomers Paris campaign

Australia's basketball community was shocked when the Boomers team for the Paris Olympics was announced. There were a lot of surprising choices made.  

Xavier Cooks and Chris Goulding, who were named in last year's FIBA World Cup roster, were dropped.  

No pick sparked as much outrage as the absence of Portland Trail Blazer Matisse Thybulle, a cult icon for Aussie basketball fans in recent years.  

Five-year NBA veteran and two NBA All-Defensive Second Team member, his defensive ability made Boomers fans love him. 

Why didn't Matisse Thybulle get selected for the Olympics?

He was also chosen for the 2023 FIBA World Cup, however he and the squad struggled and finished 10th.  

The Boomers' defence without Thybulle was questioned, and several cited a lack of teamwork going ahead.  

Fans react to Thybulle's Olympic snub

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