What's next for Lakers after LeBron James contract: DeMar DeRozan trade, free agent targets, second apron concern

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that James may accept a $1 million discount to move the team off of the second apron.  

Los Angeles cannot sign-and-trade players because they are $12 million over the first apron. Sign-and-trades are still possible, but they're harder.  

DeMar DeRozan, other sign-and-trades still possible but unlikely

If the Lakers wanted to sign-and-trade, they would need a cap-space team and money. DeMar DeRozan was used to illustrate that on Tuesday.  

Complex three-way sign-and-trades are difficult. The Lakers would pay a lot, so the targets must be good. 

Getting under the second apron helps teamwork. The Lakers cannot combine contracts, send cash out, sign any waived player during the regular season, 

LA will likely be a first-apron team, which is exempt. That tax bracket will still be problematic. They can't employ trade exceptions 

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