What number will Paul George wear with 76ers? All-Star forward to honor Kobe Bryant with new number

Last week, NBA free agency began with a four-year, $212 million deal for Paul George to join Philadelphia.  

George, a nine-time All-Star, should be entitled to wear any number he wants, especially with a moniker like PG-13.  

In the City of Brotherly Love, No. 13 was significant before George joined the Indiana Pacers.  

Why can't Paul George wear No. 13 with the 76ers?

George chose after days of deliberation. However, Kobe Bryant, one of Philadelphia's finest sons, drove his move, along with Wilt the Stilt's No. 13.

What number will Paul George wear with the 76ers?

Bryant's early half of his legendary career was marked by the #. He won three world titles with Shaquille O'Neal with the No. 8 on his breast, representing the integer. 

George played two seasons at Fresno State from 2008-2010 wearing No. 24. He will wear his third NBA number on his fourth team.  

Paul George jersey number history

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