Top 12 Colorful Hummingbird Flowers to Grow 

Hummingbirds get early nectar from this handsome perennial wildflower in spring. To safeguard these blossoms' roots, don't overwater and mulch before freezing.  

Red Columbine

Once you realise how low-maintenance they are, you'll love them like hummingbirds! Daylilies can adapt to dryness, irregular sunlight, and poor soil.  


Hummingbirds and other pollinators love lupines, often known as bluebonnets, for their colourful tubular flowers  


This bell-shaped spiky flower attracts hummingbirds and bumblebees! Full light and moist, well-drained soil suit these biennials.  


The brilliantly coloured blossoms of these eight-foot flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Hollyhocks like full sun and moist soil.  


Fuchsia, sometimes known as hardy or hummingbird fuchsia, is an annual with exotic-looking white, pink, hot pink, and purple flowers.   


Hummingbirds love tube-shaped pink, purple, or two-tone flowers. Both annual and perennial kinds need lots of sun.  


This natural shrub has vivid red and pink colours. This perennial's fringed blossoms attract all kinds of pollinators.  

Bee Balm

Beautiful perennial with long spikes and tubular flowers that hummingbirds love. Even when not blooming, its green or burgundy leaves is attractive.  


This lovely perennial, or agastache, blooms purple, deep, or pale orange spikes all summer. Once planted, it tolerates dryness and soil type.  

Hummingbird Mint

Pink, white, and purple colours abound in this tall perennial. It's a perennial favourite that's fragrant and trustworthy.  


Pollinators love this hardy perennial with silvery foliage that smells minty-spicy and spikes of purple flowers. It tolerates poor soils.   


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