Top 10 Shade Garden Ground Cover Plants to Grow 

In beds, borders, and pots, this fragrant shade groundcover thrives. Miniature, aromatic leaves and blooms can be utilised fresh or dried.  


These low-water sedums bloom in white, pink, red, purple, yellow, or orange, depending on the type, and have succulent leaves and stems.   


The little yet powerful hens-and-chicks succulent is great for planting between pavement stones or in a trough garden.   


Sweet woodruff thrives under trees and shrubs, blooming its tiny white spring blooms around crabapples.  

Sweet Woodruff 

Ajuga is an adaptable shade groundcover that can resist foot traffic. Spikes of blue, pink, lavender, or white bloom on scallop-shaped leaf rosettes in spring.  


Silvery or golden lamium foliage brightens a shady space. It has little purple flower clusters in April. Under a foot tall, this shade groundcover expands slowly.  


Brass buttons create dense mats of bronze-black to purple-gray feathery leaves. Evergreen leaves survive winter in Hardiness Zones 9-10.  

Brass Buttons 

Mondo grass looks like grass but is deer- and rabbit-resistant. Depending on the type, its slender, strappy, variegated leaves grow 3-24 inches tall.  

Mondo Grass 

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