Top 10 Bearded Iris Flowers for Your Garden 

The Beverly Sills bearded iris has won several beauty awards with its pale coral pink petals and light apricot beard.   

Beverly Iris Beard  

The orange beard and dark red-purple petals are striking. The blossoms smell light. Bearded irises bloom late spring to early summer at 36–40 inches.  

Center Line

Iris blossoms in garnet, crimson, and bronze are rare. Late spring flowers may bloom again in early October, providing garden interest.   

Bernice’s Legacy

Inspired by the Hawaiian phrase “many thanks,” its name refers to gardeners' gratitude when the ruffled petals appear in late spring.   

Many Mahalo

Air of Mystery's bicolored flowers have butterscotch standards and violet falls, but the colour is only part of its charm.  

Air of Mystery

The tall bearded iris, a descendant of Yaquina Blue iris, has beautiful marine blue petals with abundant ruffling.  

Merchant Marine

Each stem on mature plants produces five to six blooms, attracting pollinators with their rich colour and size.  

Is Cranesbill Pollinatory?  

Harvest of Memories grows tonnes of yellow flowers with arched standards and large falls with a gentle, sweet aroma.  

Harvest of Memorie

This mid-to-late-season bloomer's burgundy and yellow, ruffled borders, and vivid orange beards are stunning.  

Blood Moon

The smell and ruffled petals of Adoregon are appealing. Silver-blue falls, melon-colored beards, and lilac-blue standards with vivid colour at the roots.  


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