Stock Flower Care and Growing Tips 

Colourful stock flowers are easy to grow and low-maintenance, making them ideal for beginners and experts.   

How to Grow Stock Flower

Grow stock flowers in full sun in milder areas or partial sun in hotter, drier climes. Grow them from seeds or potted plants, depending on your preferences.   

When and Where to Plant Stock Flower

To promote new growth and extend blooming, support taller kinds with a trellis and deadhead spent blooms.  

Stock Flower Problem

Lasting two weeks after cutting, they're perfect for bouquets, centrepieces, focal flowers, and corsages.  

Stock Flower Benefits

Stock flowers represent lasting beauty and a happy life, adds Laura. They are popular in wedding and other celebration bouquets.  

Stock Flower Meaning

Some types attract insects and bats with their nighttime aroma. Butterfly, bee, and other pollinators benefit from their colourful flowers during the day.  

Do Stock Flowers Attract Pollinators?

Laura prefers Hot Cakes, a unique species with dramatic blooms in deep purple and vivid pink.  

Stock Flower Varietie

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