Skin Discoloration: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment 

Understanding skin discoloration causes, symptoms, and treatments is essential for efficient management. An overview

Sun exposure, hormonal changes (pregnancy, birth control pills), inflammation, and injury can increase melanin production, causing darker patches.


Lighter skin can result from melanin loss. Hypopigmentation can result from conditions such as vitiligo, fungal infections, or autoimmune illnesses.


Skin darkening from inflammation or damage, including acne, eczema, or allergies.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation 

Hormonal fluctuations, UV exposure, and heredity often cause gray-brown face patches.


Some antibiotics and chemotherapy medicines can alter pigmentation.

Medication-Induced Pigmentation

Pollution, chemicals, and cosmetics can discolour skin over time.  

Environmental Factors

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