Should You Grow Hybrid or Heirloom Tomatoes? 

Summer is the ideal time for tomato lovers, but with so many kinds, it might be hard to choose the best ones for your garden.  

Epic Tomatoes author and Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project co-leader Craig LeHoullier has grown hundreds of heirloom tomatoes in his garden for decades.   

Grow organic or conventional heirloom tomatoes, depending on your goals. Organic tomato plants employ no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.  

Organic gardening involves developing soil, creating perfect growing conditions, and applying natural insect and disease treatments.  

Sometimes confused with GMO tomatoes, hybrid tomatoes are different. Hybrid tomatoes are cross-pollinated, not GM.  

We've selected six great heirloom and hybrid tomato types to start your garden. Find them in your favourite seed catalogue or nursery.  

Heirloom and hybrid tomatoes grow well. Hybrids have higher disease resistance, yield, and maturity, yet heirlooms have unmatched flavours.  

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