Monsoon Skincare Routine And Tips For Different Skin Types 

Monsoon humidity can vary, affecting different skin types. For healthy and balanced skin during the monsoon, try these skincare regimen ideas for different skin types

Use a gentle foamy or gel cleanser with salicylic acid or tea tree oil to reduce oil and prevent breakouts.


Choose an alcohol-free toner containing witch hazel or niacinamide to tighten pores and reduce grease.  


A light cream or milk cleanser will hydrate and wash your skin without stripping its oils.

Hydrating Cleanser

Find a toner with rose water, glycerine, or hyaluronic acid to moisturise and relieve dry skin.  

Hydrating Toner

A moderate foaming or gel-based cleanser can eliminate T-zone oil without drying out cheeks.

Balancing Cleanser

Hydrate cracked skin and regulate T-zone oil with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser. 

Lightweight Moisturizer

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