Klay Thompson's father explains why he's 'disappointed' in sharpshooter's decision to join Mavericks over Laker

In the 2024 NBA summer, Klay Thompson signed a $50 million contract with the Mavericks, which should make Mychal Thompson happy. 

"I’m not feeling too much in a congratulatory mood right now," Mychal told "The Starting Lineup" presenters Brian Scalabrine and Frank Isola on Tuesday. 

"When he told me that the Lakers were talking to him, or going to talk to him, and the Mavs too, you know, obviously I tried to sell playing for the Lakers," he said.   

"So I just thought it seemed like the perfect fit for him to finally come home," Thompson said of Klay's choice. " 

Why Mychal Thompson wanted Klay Thompson to play for Laker

Klay grew up a Lakers fan, but the Mavericks offer was too tempting. After reaching the NBA Finals last season, 

"Clearly Klay decides. His life "Said Mychal. As we were 34, he's a mature guy. Our fathers gave us guidance, but we chose our own path,  

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