Keep Invasive Asian Jumping Worms Out of Your Yard 

Jumping worms, an invasive species, damage the topsoil and eat organic substances. This can make the soil unsuitable for native plant growth and favouring invading plants.  

Jumping worms move differently from earthworms, making identification easy. Snake-like, they move swiftly.   

Unfortunately, jumping worms have no cure, says gardening expert Melinda Myers. As found, collect and discard.  

The mustard test is used by many gardeners to find and bring them up: Pour 1/3 cup ground hot yellow mustard seed into a gallon of water and flood the garden.  

Sunlight can kill jumping worms in mulch, compost, and topsoil, but not in vegetable beds because they move away from the heat.  

Melinda advises cleaning tools and shoes while switching gardens to prevent jumping worm infestations.  

Avoid sharing plants and ask mulch, compost, and topsoil suppliers about jumping worms before buying.  

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