How to Prune and Care for a Crape Myrtle 

After a few weeks of drying in a warm place, remove any leftover leaf and preserve in dry peat moss until spring weather arrives.  

You've probably seen these eyesores on every block in your Southern neighbourhood, and you may have even committed murder.  

Cutting it to thick stubs annually prevents these goals. Graceful trees quickly become fenceposts or hat racks. Gorgeous bark never appears.  

I try to have well-spaced main trunks with attractive bark and thin down the centre for sunlight and air.  

Poor pruning can harm your crepe myrtle. Lopping off the top of a crepe myrtle creates unattractive stumps and avoids mottled bark on older trunks.   

Start conservatively and prune branches in the order below, working up the plant from the base to avoid over trimming and a bundle of sticks.  

It'll bloom fine. Heavy seed pod clusters can drag down branches almost to the ground. Remove the seeds to lift the branches.   

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