How To: Fix Your Skin Barrier Like A Beauty Pro 

Maintaining healthy, balanced, and robust skin requires barrier restoration. Step-by-step instructions for skin barrier repair

Use mild, sulfate-free cleansers that won't deplete natural oils or disturb the skin barrier. Choose ceramide, glycerine, or hyaluronic acid formulations to moisturise while washing. 

Gentle Cleansing 

Avoid Harsh Products: Alcohol, perfumes, and essential oils can worsen skin barrier damage and irritate. 

Avoid Harsh Ingredients 

Ceramides: Ceramides, important lipids, restore and strengthen the skin barrier. Look for moisturisers or serums with ceramides. 

Incorporate Barrier Repair Ingredients 

Choose Rich Moisturisers: Emollient-rich lotions and ointments protect and seal in moisture.  

Moisturize Adequately 

Aloe Vera: Calming and relaxing, aloe vera can reduce inflammation and discomfort.  

Use Soothing Ingredients 

To avoid irritation, exfoliate 1-2 times a week using light exfoliants like PHA (polyhydroxy acids) or mild scrubs.  

Avoid Over-Exfoliation 

UV rays can damage the skin barrier, so use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater everyday.  

Protect from Environmental Stressors 

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