Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips 

Never confuse cranesbill geraniums with spring-filled garden centre Pelargoniums. Each of the 300 cranesbill geranium species is a perennial.  

Are Cranesbill Geraniums Annuals? 

These plants are versatile and low-maintenance.They thrive in full or partial sun and prefer dry conditions, but don't allow them dry out.   

Raising Cranesbill Geraniums  

Cranesbill geraniums bloom long, which is beneficial. Georgia has a way to revive slow-blooming plants.  

Cranesbill Geranium Bloom When?  

These plants are not regarded as weedy; they can and do spread by seed, but not wildly. Certain types, such as Rozanne, are infertile.  

Can Cranesbill Spread?  

Remember that these plants do require a winter dormant season; she suggests wrapping the pots or storing them in your garage.  

Is Cranesbill Growable in Containers?  

Hardy geraniums come in several varieties to suit your setting. Ballerina is 6" tall and 10" broad.  

Cranesbill Types  

Georgia believes cranesbill attracts short-tongued insects like mason bees, bumblebees, and butterflies due to its bloom form.  

Is Cranesbill Pollinatory?  

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