Grow Caladium Plants for Shade Garden Interest

Flowers are often your first choice for garden plants. But intriguing foliage can also benefit your landscape, like tropical caladiums.  

Their big leaves are white, pink, crimson, or a mix. Caladium leaves can be heart-shaped or spear-shaped with ruffled edges.   

Tropical tubers, or "Caladiums," are indigenous to South America and also go by the name "Angel Wings."  

Caladiums vary significantly in the wild, thus horticulturists have created many cultivars. Over a dozen varieties are suitable for shady gardens.  

If you want colour, try the Heart to Heart series, "Freida Hemple," or "Desert Sunset." Some newer kinds can tolerate full sun.  

Let your caladiums grow naturally in full to part shade in zones 9–10. When summer rains arrive, they'll wake up from winter dormancy.  

After a few weeks of drying in a warm place, remove any leftover leaf and preserve in dry peat moss until spring weather arrives.  

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