Grow an Easy-Care Rugosa Rose for Rugged Beauty 

Asia's rugosa rose is hardy and adaptable. Due to its leathery, dark green foliage, Rugosa means “wrinkled” in Latin. Thorny plants can grow.  

Single or double white, magenta yellow, orange, or red blooms. With an open centre full of dazzling yellow stamens, they are aromatic.  

Rugosas are so hardy that there's one for almost every sunny garden, says American Rose Society consultant Teresa Byington of Indiana.  

A rugosa rose prefers acidic to neutral, moist, well-draining soil in full sun, but will grow in sandy coastal areas.  

“Rugosas can be pruned to control size, but not like roses,” Teresa notes. Dead wood and oldest canes should be pruned from the root in late fall or early spring.  

Before planting, verify your state's invasive plant list, especially near wild areas, as they exist in portions of the U.S. and Canada.  

Their hips, or seed heads, are devoured by birds, and bees adore their blooms. Additionally, their thick branches provide winter cover for little birds.  

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