Evan Fournier-Dennis Schroder fight: NBA veterans brawl during France vs. Germany exhibition game

France and Germany men's basketball have already qualified for the Olympics, but the passion is still strong as they prepare for Paris. 

On Saturday, NBA veterans Evan Fournier and Dennis Schroder engaged into a baseline brawl during a France-Germany preseason game. 

France hopes to win gold in its own nation, and a 90-66 friendly triumph over Germany showed why.   

Schroder went to the floor after a play on Saturday and grabbed Fournier's collarbone when he stood up.  

Evan Fournier-Dennis Schroder fight video

Schroder's displeasure may have been fueled by Germany's bad day and brawl. France defeated Germany by 24 points, 66 points.  

Three years ago, France narrowly lost the gold medal game to the US in Tokyo, but young players like Wembanyama and Bilal Coulibaly and veterans like Rudy Gobert, 

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