Daytime To Nighttime Skincare Routine To Diminish Dark Patches 

A consistent skincare programme that targets hyperpigmentation and promotes skin repair and renewal can reduce dark spots. 

Start your day with a gentle cleanser for your skin type to eliminate pollutants and prepare it for the day.


Apply vitamin C serum on dry, clean skin. Vitamin C gradually fades dark spots and brightens skin. Before continuing, let it soak entirely.

Vitamin C Serum

A wide-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen should be applied every morning, regardless of weather. UV damage worsens dark spots and pigmentation.


To lock in moisture and glide makeup, use a lightweight, nourishing moisturiser for your skin type.


Use SPF cosmetics or mineral sunscreen powder for daytime protection. 


Monsoon Skincare Routine And Tips For Different Skin Types 

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