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Marching Band


Hello Awesome Volunteers!

Welcome to a new season of HOME/AWAYfootball games. The first two games are open on CHARMS for volunteers. Please make sure that you have completed your Additions before signing up for the shifts. Also please put your legal name on CHARMS so when verifying with the county your name, it will appear on Additions database. For example, if I would send Lucy Snell the system will not approve me to attend because my legal name is Luz Snell.

Please be aware that you will see two separate lists to volunteer: Chaperone and Pit-crew. If you have any questions about what we do or how to sign up to volunteer, we will be right outside the school at 7:30 during dismissal tomorrow Thursday August 12th. I will be submitting the list for approval on Tuesday so its important that if you plan to help us on the first game, sign up soon.

The call time for all volunteers (Chaperons/Pit Crew) will be 4:30 pm on AWAY games and 5:30 pm for HOME games. (These times might change depending on how far we are traveling) 

Our 1st game this season is on Friday, August 20th vs Poinciana High at HOME.

Things you may want to bring: Comfortable shoes (You will walk A LOT!). Snacks or money (You can buy from concessions for yourself, not the students). Umbrella or a raincoat (rain does not stop the band from playing). An extra shirt (if you get wet). Light jacket (some bus drivers will freeze you and some evenings are cool).

Remember a lot of times during AWAY games it is our first time at a school, so we figure things out as the night comes. Our main goal is to make sure the students have fun, stay hydrated and have a safe night. We help the students to and from the bus, truck, field, and bathrooms. No Student should be unsupervised at any time.

Please be at the school at at 4:30/5:30 pm to get the supplies we need for the evening. A list of things we need will be posted on our supply room, along with what bus you will be assigned to when we travel to an away game.

We also need help handing out pre-meals shifts are also open on CHARMS.

I am looking forward to a fun season with you and our Amazing Marching Band!

Remember if you are NOT able to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform me or Orlando ASAP so we can find someone to fill that spot.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Orlando.

Thank You

Lucy Snell (Chaperone) 407-404-4471

Orlando Carrasquillo (Pit-Crew) 689-808-7050


Band Camp is around the corner! Please see below for important information regarding schedule, forms, materials, and more.


Week One - Monday July 19 through Friday July 23, 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Week Two - Monday July 26 through Friday July 30, 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM


It is a requirement, starting this year, that every marching band participant gets a physical done by a physician. Forms can be printed or picked up from band directors at the school. Physicals must be completed by July 19th.


- Light-colored athletic wear (dark colors soak up the sun)

- Basketball shorts, dry-fit or light cotton shirts

- Sneakers (running shoes)

- Extra pair of socks

- Hat (must cover top of head and cover face)

- Remember: More coverage = less sun exposure!


- 1-2 gallon water jug (this is a must!)

- Pedialyte sport (highly recommended!)

- Small lunch cooler with healthy heart snacks and fruit

- Sunscreen (protect your skin!)

- Instrument

- Valve oil, extra reeds, etc

- Binder with plastic sheet covers (protects music from the elements)

- Shoestring to wear around your neck or waist for your dot book

- Baseball or golf gloves for winds (protects instrument from corrosion)

- Mask and bell cover are required


Do not skip this step! Students must eat 3 meals a day. Dinner will be provided and served at 4:00 PM each day. You may also bring your own. For those who want school lunch, on-campus meals are also available for breakfast (9:00 AM) and lunch (11:45 AM) at Cypress Creek HS. PLEASE EMAIL US WITH ANY SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS OR FOOD ALLERGIES. ( or


Calling all OCPS employees who are band parents! We need your help with the distribution of dinner to our hard-working students. If you are available to volunteer, please contact Lucy (Lead Volunteer) at


We are in need of donations of water and sealed snacks. During football games and competitions, students consume lots of water and snacks before and after performances. We ask that you consider donating one case of water per family.



We will be adhering to the current OCPS protocols set in place. Masks and social distancing will be required. If you want to learn more, please visit the OCPS Health and Safety Guidelines Manual.

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