“Kicking Off: Junior Football Skills and Drills

“Kicking Off: Junior Football Skills and Drills:-Football is a cherished sport that captivates the hearts of millions of people all over the world. In some regions of the world, football is also referred to as soccer. It is possible for youngsters to have an exhilarating experience while learning the fundamentals of football, which can also help them develop teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness. The incorporation of particular exercises and practices can considerably increase your child’s performance on the field, regardless of whether they are just starting out or are wanting to develop their talents.

“Kicking Off: Junior Football Skills and Drills

The following is a list of fundamental skills and drills for junior football that will assist young players in beginning their adventure in the sport of football.

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The act of dribbling

When it comes to football, dribbling is one of the most fundamental talents. It enables players to keep control of the ball while manoeuvring through opponents, which is a significant advantage.

Dribbling drills to improve your skills

Set up cones in a zigzag pattern or a straight line to perform the cone dribbling technique. As the child dribbles the ball around each cone, they should concentrate on keeping the ball near to their feet during the entire process. Improved control and agility are both benefits of this workout.

Arrange two cones so that they are a few feet away from one another. Following a figure-eight pattern, the player dribbles the ball around the cones in a circular motion. Control and the capacity to quickly change directions are both improved through the use of this drill.

Getting by

It is essential to effectively pass in order to keep possession of the ball and to generate scoring opportunities. Accurate passing can be the deciding factor in whether or not a play is successful or whether or not the ball is lost.

Practicing to Improve Your Passing:

In order to practice both short and long passes, you should have the player stand a few feet away from a wall and pass the ball against it and practice the wall pass. Because of this, both accuracy and control are improved.

Players are paired up and instructed to pass the ball back and forth while progressively increasing the distance between them. This technique is known as partner passing. Precision and timing are the primary themes of this exercise.

The act of shooting

Since shooting is the means by which goals are scored in football, it is an exciting component of the game. It is possible to significantly improve children’s chances of finding the back of the nett by instructing them in the correct technique for shooting basketballs.

To Improve Your Shooting Skills: Drills

Set up targets in the goal, such as cones or markers, for the purpose of practicing your target shot. The player should aim their shots at these targets when they are firing. When it comes to power and accuracy, this drill is helpful.

One-on-Another: Team up players and have one of them take on the role of the goalkeeper. In order to beat the goalkeeper, the other player works on their shooting skills, concentrating on placement and force.

In defence of

For the purpose of preventing the opposition team from scoring, defence is absolutely necessary. Young children can gain a better understanding of the significance of placement and timing when they are taught the fundamentals of defence.

Drills to Improve Your Physical Defence

Shadowing is a strategy in which players are paired up and asked to take turns acting as the attacker and the defender. The objective of the defender is to maintain a close proximity to the attacker and to obstruct their movements without committing a foul. Positioning and patience are both improved by this exercise.

For the purpose of tackling drills, you should make use of a soft ball or a smaller, lighter ball during practice. The correct technique for a clean tackle should be taught, with a particular emphasis on time and accuracy.

Keeping score

The position of goalkeeper is an important one on the squad, and it requires a special set of talents. It is essential for goalkeepers to possess a high level of agility, a strong reflexes, and the ability to successfully communicate with their teammates.

Goalkeeping drills to improve your skills:

Players should take turns shooting at the goalkeeper from a variety of distances and angles in order to practice shot stopping the ball. This exercise is beneficial for improving both reflexes and placement.
Have the goalkeeper practice diving to save low and high shots by using soft mats or a safe surface. This will help them become more proficient at diving saves. Utilising agility and self-assurance to make diving saves is the primary objective of this practice.

Teamwork and exchange of information

For a football team to be successful, it is essential for them to communicate and operate as a team. It is beneficial to children’s overall performance to teach them how to collaborate and communicate while they are playing on the field.

Instructional Activities that Enhance Teamwork and Communication

Small-Sided Games: In order to foster collaboration and communication among players, you should organise small-sided games such as 3v3 or 4v4. Participating in these games teaches players how to collaborate effectively in a variety of settings.
Players should organise themselves into a circle and pass the ball to one another while simultaneously yelling out the name of the player to whom they are passing the ball. Communication and awareness are both improved by this exercise.


Not only can instructing young football players in fundamental skills and drills help them better their game, but it also instills in them a passion for the particular activity. The key to assisting young players in developing their skills and growing their enjoyment of the beautiful game is to provide them with consistent practice and positive reinforcement. Your child has the potential to begin their journey in football and develop into a player who is both skilful and confident if they are provided with the appropriate supervision and devotion.



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